Music Composition & production

Whether you’re looking for a new audio identity for your brand, the music to emphasise the emotional moments in a new film, or you’re an artist who needs a professional producer to take that next step, I am more than happy to step in.

I have a Bachelors degree in Electronic Music Production, and have worked with some of the biggest labels in dance music, international contemporary dance theater choreographers and various Dutch top 40 artists. Have a listen to some of the work I’ve done below!

Interested in working together? Please send me a message with a brief introduction of your project and the service you are looking for and I will get back to you as soon as possible!



Corren Cavini

The melodic house, techno and trance tracks I have produced for the Corren Cavini alias have been released with internationally renowned labels such as This Never Happened, DAYS Like NIGHTS (Armada) and Purified Records.


For Dutch pop singer Flemming‘s live shows I produced various backingtracks throughout 2022.

Video 1: Qmusic; Sterrenstof & Tijdmachine (full video)
Video 2: ESNS 2022; Slapeloze Nachten & De Manier (3:40-8:20)

composition & soundscaping for theatre

From 2019 going forward, I have composed and produced music for different contemporary dance, theatre and literature performances. A few examples of parties I have composed for are Mooie Woorden Utrecht and Marco Di Nardo

Whilst none of these projects have been published online, this playlist gives an indication of the sort of work you can expect from a creative collaboration in this area.

Ghost Writing & Production

For confidentiality reasons the ghost writing & production work I have done is not shared publicly. If you are interested in these services, please send me a mesage with a few reference tracks. I will get back to you with a proposal, and in case we aren’t quite a match I am more than happy to connect you to one of the many producers in my network that might be more suited to what you are looking for.